Saturday, February 7, 2009

Krisis Perlembagaan di Perak

Banyak ulasan dan analisa yg saya baca berkenaan krisis perlembagaan yg sedang berlaku di Perak sekarang. Namun ulasan ini menarik perhatian saya untuk dikongsikan bersama.

Kata White Shadow ( dipetik drpd ) :

As a learned former Lord President, His Royal Highness must be legally and technically correct to conclude that the PR state government no longer enjoys the majority support of the state assembly persons.

However, as the ruler of Perak, His Royal Highness must recognise the wishes of his people who, on March 8, 2008 had voted in 31 PR state assembly persons to form the state government through democratic means.

That, is without any doubt, the wish of the Perak people. No one person or procedure or political manoeuvre is going to deny this democratic act of the people.

Hence, His Royal Highness should take cognisance of his subjects’ wishes and do the right and noble thing - dissolve the state assembly to pave the way for fresh elections. Let the people of Perak decide again.

However, if His Royal Highness for all his wisdom allows BN to form the next state government, he must be aware of the following possibilities:

1. With such a small majority, if say, three BN assembly persons switch their allegiance to PR, is His Royal Highness going to ask PR to form the state government again?

2. If the two independent assembly persons are found guilty of the corruption charges against them, their seats will be declared vacant, thus by-elections will be called.

And we all know who will win in the by-elections. So will His Royal Highness again ask PR to form the new government?

Hence, to be seen as fair, His Royal Highness must act fairly and let his subjects decide through the democratic process by dissolving the state assembly.

Komen anda ?

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